Frequent questions

How can I book an appointment?

You can either call us on 210- 603 3603 or you can send email to info@supercardrive and you will be informed immediately about the availability.

Where do I have to come for the appointment?
The appointment will take place at the karting center KARTLAND for all the necessary procedure.
What should I bring with me?
You must bring your ticket and your ID and in addition for the driving experience on the road, driving license is required.
Where does the Ferrari driving experience take place?
The driving experience take place either on Attiki Odos or on main avenue depending on your ticket.
Can I bring friends with me?
Of course, you are welcome to bring friends and they could be waiting you on the coffee shop.
How do young children drive Ferrari?
Children from 7 years old to 16 years old drive Ferrari inside the karting track. An experienced instructor will be as a co-driver who also has the accelerator and brake pedals, like the training cars in driving schools.
How long is my ticket valid?

The ticket expires after 9 months, for extension due to force majeure please contact us.